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RECS International Monthly bülteni Nisan 2006 No. 4'de RESSİAD'ın 28 Nisan Workshop'u yer aldı 25.04.2006


RECS International Monthly Update




Issue No. 4, April 2006


Secretariat RECS International

T: +31 (0)30 280 8330

F: +31 (0)30 280 8301

E: info@recs.org


This newsletter is sent to members of RECS International only. Please contact the Secretary General RECS International, Peter Niermeijer, for questions at +31 (0)30 280 8334 or mail: info@recs.org

From the secretariat


Membership RECS International

Full members RECS International       105

Associate members                            43

# Countries with RECS members         20

# Countries with an Issuing Body         15


Four new associate members have registered in April 2006.


Content of this Monthly Update

-          -          Interesting documents on our website

-          -          Update: activities of National RECS Teams

-          -          Working Group Cross Border

-          -          Views Users Group concerning hub solution AIB

-          -          Workshop RECS / AIB in Turkey

-          -          RECS / AIB Meeting in Oslo, June 1 and 2 2006


Need for more paying members RECS International Association

RECS International exists for, and because of its members. Current trend is an increasing amount of associate members; members who do not pay. These members have limited access to important information and decision making processes. On behalf of the paying members we ask the associate members to reconsider registration as a paying member. Please go to http://members.recs.org/join/paidsubscription.asp to find the criteria to become a ‘small’ or ‘big’ member. You can also contact the secretariat at info@recs.org, or +31 (0)30 280 7806.



Possibility to become supporting member

During the general meeting in Verona, it is decided to introduce a new kind of membership, the so-called ‘supporting membership’. A supporting member can be seen as an organization or company stimulating the RECS International Association by paying a voluntary contribution of 500 euro annually. The supporting member has access to the website and will be actively advertised. Please give suggestions for companies / organizations we can approach for this.


Interesting documents at website RECS International

If you are a paying member of RECS International, you have the permission to visit our members website (http://members.recs.org/documents.asp). You can find latest news, articles and communication papers, contact information, statistical data, background information on topics like disclosure, meeting details, country information, etc. Some examples are:


-          -          Cogen Europe: “Background paper – The treatment of incumbent cogeneration plants in the phase-I NAPs”

-          -          The Renewable Energy House is a living showcase for renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies and hosts for the first time all European renewable energy associations. More info on their inauguration to be found here.

-          -          New Berkeley Lab Report on Renewable Energy Certificate Ownership in the United States of America. This report provides information and insight to state policy-makers, utility regulators, and others about different approaches to clarifying the ownership of RECs.

-          -          Newsletter of the Association of Issuing Bodies

-          -          The Italian Government recently approved the supporting of the production of electricity from PV. More info on the Italian PV Feed-In Tariff System to be found here.

-          -          New report on White Certificate Schemes and their interaction with other market-based instruments in the energy sector


If you have documents that you would like to share, please send it to info@recs.org. The RECS secretariat shall put the document on the members website.


Update: activities of national teams

In Verona, the plan was made to initiate activities at a country- level. The secretariat is busy making an inventory of these activities and will report about this in Oslo in June. It is the intention to learn for each others activities. The following countries have currently started national activities:


-          -          The Netherlands

-          -          Germany

-          -          Sweden

-          -          Austria


Please contact the secretariat for more information.


Working Group Cross Border

We consider three levels in analysing cross border trade, (1) is it technically possible to transfer a certificate cross the border (the Users Group is busy with this), (2) is the GoO officially accepted by the receiving IB and government and (3) if the GoO was transferred and the receiving government accepted the GoO, does the imported renewable electricity qualify for national support yes or no. We are looking for active members who can contribute to the last to levels by actively do some trade and give a follow up to this. Please contact the secretariat for more information.


Views Users Group concerning hub solution AIB

AIB is preparing a hub solution to make the transfer system for certificates more efficient. The User Group, representing the market players, would like to point out its view concerning the hub solution. Please find the document here.



Coming meetings


Workshop in Turkey

28 April 2006

A group of Turkish companies has showed interest in setting up a RECS system. Subsequently and in cooperation with the RECS Secretariat, this group has initiated a workshop in Ankara on the 28th of April, 2006. We would like to welcome everybody who is interested.

Regular AIB and RECS meetings this year


The second meeting this year is scheduled for the 1st and 2nd of June in Oslo, Norway. The first day there will be Board Meetings and Working group meetings of both RECS and the AIB. On Thursday- evening a dinner shall be organized for all the members. An Open Seminar will be organized on the second day, on which the latest developments in RECS certificates and GoO markets shall be addressed. In addition, the current situation in Norway with regard to certificate trading shall be highlighted.



Be part of the first open auction of RECS certificates. During the last part of the open seminar there will be arranged an auction where you can buy or sell RECS certificates. This is the first time an open auction of RECS certificates is tried, and we are expecting this to be both fun and useful for the potential participants.



The third meeting is planned for the 21st and 22nd of September in Slovenia. Details will follow.




About this information bulletin


Call for items for this newsletter

All members are asked to submit messages and news items for the Monthly Update. Especially news from market players about deals is most welcome. News from national teams is also very much appreciated. Please contact the secretary general if you have an item for the next issue, due end of this month.

For any question

Please contact the Secretary General RECS International, Peter Niermeijer.                       

Telephone +31 (0)30 280 8334, Fax +31 (0)30 280 8301.

Or send an email to: Info@RECS.org







Kuleli Sokak No:87 Daire:2, 06700 G.O.P./ANKARA

Tel: +(90) 312 436 95 98 - Faks: +(90) 312 436 95 98

Elektronik posta: ressiad@ressiad.org.tr